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New Website and introducing the Canadian Bowler Open!

It's been a few years since The Canadian Bowler made content in text form.

Before YouTube and the success of The Canadian Bowler podcast/videos, we did everything on a website in typed articles and blog posts!

We've decided to return to our roots and incorporate a website with written articles back into the Canadian Bowler portfolio.

While this won't replace the YouTube content we will continue to make, but we do hope this will complement what we are doing on the YouTube channel and offer a different way to communicate with our followers and fans.

Sometimes, we do a show and in the time after the CB team chats about what went well, what didn't go so well and things we either missed, omitted or trimmed for time. Having this website along with a blog/article format will allow us to take some of those topics and expand and elaborate specifically on them.

The other reason for making a website is that we are happy to announce a brand new event for 2024 --

The Canadian Bowler Open will be a brand new event for 2024 hosted at the amazing Calgary Lawn Bowling Club!

Dates: August 30th - September 2nd, 2024


18-up singles (21-up in knockout rounds)

2-meter respot​

14-end pairs

Killed end equals an end played (no points to either team, no respot and no reset)​

The last end is open

Entries and Cost:

Capacity - 32 Singles and 32 Pairs entries

$100/person entry for singles

$200/team entry for pairs

Each event will have four qualifying rounds to seed each team into two knockout play flights. The Championship flight (top half) will play for the Canadian Bowler Championship Belts while the Consolation flight (bottom half) will play for the Consolation Cup (To be named later)

Approximate Prize Pool on full entry: $10,000

Top prizes on full entry:

Singles - $1000

Pairs - $2000

Check out the Canadian Bowler Open page on this website for all the information and to register yourself and your team! More details will be released as they are available, so stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy the additional content we'll bring through this website and continue to enjoy what we continue to make on the YouTube Channel.

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