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A brand new and exciting event is making its way to the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club.

A truly open event with no gender categories, Singles and Pairs events are played over four days on the BEST greens in Canada.  Come and test yourself against the top players in North America and enjoy the friendship and community of the Calgary Lawn Bowls Club.

Proudly Sponsored by North America's Henselite Distributor:

The Details

Venue: Calgary Lawn Bowling Club - Calgary Alberta (WEBSITE LINK)

Dates: August 30th - September 2nd, 202

SINGLES FULL - Waiting List

Singles: Qualifying rounds August 30th and Knockout rounds August 31st


Pairs: Qualifying rounds September 1st and Knockout rounds September 2nd

For Accommodations - Click HERE


  • 18-up singles (21-up in knockout rounds)

    • 2-meter respot​

  • 14-end pairs 

    • Killed end equals an end played (no points to either team)​

    • Tag team rules

      • 3 times per game a team may switch the skip and lead positions​

    • The last end will be open

  • See Conditions of Play for more details on rules and policies


Max Entries: 40 Singles and 40 Pairs entries

  • $100/person entry for singles

  • $200/team entry for pairs


Each event will have four qualifying rounds to seed each team into two knockout play flights:

  • The Championship flight (top half) will play for the Canadian Bowler Championship Belt(s)

  • Consolation flight (bottom half) will play for the Consolation Cup (To be named later)

Approximate Prize Pool on full entry: $10,000

Top prizes on full entry:

Singles - $1000

Pairs - $2000

*Prizes for top 4 in Championship flight and top 3 in Consolation flight in each event 

You can also add your name to our "looking for partner" list if you are a solo player looking to find a pairs partner!

Calgary Lawn Bowling Club

Canadian Bowler Open
Singles Registered Players

1 Desmond Tibby
9 Stephen Meloche
17 Cayden Carter
25 Sandy McKenzie
33 Josh Cameron
2 June Ji
10 Bob Selzler
18 Everett Zwiers
26 Matthew Huebert
34 Patricia Kaufmann
3 Auzzie Chambers
11 Cathy Selzler
19 Lyall Mix
27 Jon MacDonald
35 Michael O'Connor
4 Elizabeth Cormack
12 Claire Day
20 Greg Wilson
28 Jenn MacDonald
36 John Lee
5 Michael Wong
13 David Anderson
21 Justin Dusablon
29 Pat Bird
37 Barbara Lee
6 Jessi Wilkinson
14 Steve McKerihen
22 Rob Law
30 Kevin Barry
38 Ryan Pollard
7 Bobbi-Jean Charlton
15 Cameron McLelland
23 Scott Packer
31 Owen Kirby
39 Owen Wright
8 Lynda Robbins
16 Katrina Carter
24 Laura Seed
32 Fred Emms
40 Malcolm Taylor

Canadian Bowler Open
Pairs Registered Players

1 Auzzie Chambers and Ryan Pollard
9 Katrina Carter and Cayden Carter
17 Patricia Kaufmann and TBD
25 Pat Bird and Jon Pituley
33 Tom and Maria Fugedi
2 Elizabeth Cormack and Michael Wong
10 Peter Mok and Adrian Chan
18 Peter Ballinger and Fred Emms
26 Barbara Hsieh and Theresa Li
34 Ju Cho and Rayyt Li
3 Jessi Wilkinson and TBD
11 Pauline Wong and Cheryl Storrow
19 Eileen McLelland and Heather Howard
27 Gord House and Jake House
4 Lynda Robbins and Patricia Levie
12 Lyall Mix and Everett Zwiers
20 Josh Cameron and TBA
28 Shayne Kuzek and Ken Olsvik
5 Stephen Meloche and Bob Selzler
13 Greg Wilson and Rob Law
21 Roger Allen and Noel Chartrand
29 Owen Wright and Malcolm Taylor Jr.
6 Claire Day and Cathy Selzler
14 Laura Seed and Sandy McKenzie
22 Kevin Barry and Robert Gabert
30 June Ji and Shannon Watson
7 David Anderson and Steve McKerihen
15 Matthew Huebert and Bill Thrasher
23 Michael and Candice Edwards
31 Leona and Lorna Hatton
8 Cameron McLelland and Bobbi-Jean Charlton
16 Jon and Jenn MacDonald
24 John and Barbara Lee
32 Scott Packer and Michael O'Connor

Singles Waiting List

1 Roberta Stobbs
2 Ryan Craig
3 Robert Gabert
4 Michael Kowalchuk

Pairs Waiting List


Players looking for a pairs  partner

1 Patricia Kaufmann
Skip looking for a Lead
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